ADD Symptoms Making This world a Slow Place

By | November 16, 2016

On one side of the hand we are improving and we are advancing, the technology and the development of industries is leveraging us with the power to make the world go round while on the other hand we are paying the cost for the same with our degrading health and with the dark future of our children.

The world is so busy developing and advancing that we are least cared about the side effects these Industrial advancement and development is going to leave on the future of our kids and coming generations.

A lot of lethal diseases are on the rise, people especially children are vulnerable, they are under the limelight, and they are acquiring these diseases like never before. Dengue, ADD and Anxiety problem are some of the common diseases; these diseases may seem innocuous and short term but they are the ones that create a lot of problems in the long term.

Attention deficit disorder is on a rise, a lot of cases from different corners of the world has been highlighted and the international health agencies have started a lot of programs to spread awareness of this disease across the world.

Attention deficit disorder generally occurs in children in between the age of six to twelve, the major issue with the disease is that it takes around six months for the symptoms to come into limelight and as per the research there is no specific reason behind the occurrence of this disease, but at the same time a lot of studies show that it occurs because of the bad environmental conditions at the time of birth.

Some of the common symptoms of the disease can be listed as follow: –

Anxiety Disorder: – The disease involves problems with the brain and a minor issue with the brain will mess up everything, the patient is more prone to get slow and experience profuse sweating at regular intervals.

Sleep Disorder: – When the brain is unhealthy then it is going to demand more sleep, and there are going to be times when the patient will be unable to sleep for hours.

Learning Disability: – Learning suffers; the child fails to concentrate and grasp the lessons taught in the class, the child is going to lose the interest, and he will start failing in the exams.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the most common and one of the most dangerous ADD symptoms.

Substance use disorder: – The kid will face problems in identifying objects, and he will face issues related to choosing the best substance for carrying out any work.

These all environmental stuffs are going to come back to us and they are going to disturb us a big time, we all should understand this and shall start working for a better world, we all should take oath to make the air we breathe and the water we drink clean and pollution free then only we can promise our children a brighter and a healthy future.

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