Rare blood diseases affecting human health

By | February 3, 2017

There are several rare blood diseases pertaining today about which everybody is not aware. These disorders are confusing and needs attention as well. These diseases of the blood have bad impact on bloods components and the production as well. There is need to make oneself aware about blood disorders, as they are life threatening.

Below mentioned are some blood diseases, which are rarely found in individuals.

Agnogenic myeloid Metaplasia

Agnogenic myeloid Metaplasia is known as AMM is blood disease happening in people with scarred bone marrow. Like other blood diseases, this also badly affects the health. In this condition, bone marrow stops or reduces the fabrication of blood cells. Blood cells are significant for human body, which cannot be compensated with any other thing. Due to this reduction other important organs of the body like the liver and the spleen starts making blood cells. This makes the spleen as well as the liver to grow more than the normal size. Symptoms of Agnogenic myeloid Metaplasia are not directly shown up, they may present in form of anemia, splenomegaly, extramedullary hematopoiesis, hyper metabolic state, portal hypertension, bone changes, bleeding and immune abnormalities.


Amyloidosis is a blood disease, related to the bone marrow. This disease is caused also due to result of excess fabrication of a protein known as amyloid. This produced protein is normal but can take life on individual if produced in excess. Amyloidosis has two types — localized Amyloidosis and systemic Amyloidosis. Former one affects only one particular organ, while the latter one affects the whole body. Systemic Amyloidosis is more dangerous causing malfunctioning of body parts. Common symptoms of Amyloidosis are weight loss, shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue, numbness, fatigue and diarrhea.

Aplastic Anemia

This one is rare disorder and not many people suffer from it. This is one of dangerous blood diseases causing several other infections, which are fatal leading to death. Individual are prone to several other infections due to Aplastic Anemia, which weakens the immune system. Symptoms of this blood diseases are not particular people, the person suffers may experience some strange infections, unexplained bleedings, and also feels dizzy all the times. The infections accommodate body due to inability of the body combating them, as white blood cells reduce in number. Besides, bleedings can create complexities, as body looses the clotting power.

Proper diet and medication can help in curing these diseases. Besides, one needs to pay great care and attention on them.

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