Successful Drug Treatment Programs

By | March 23, 2017

Codeine is a very addictive substance, therefore Codeine abusers in most cases go to extreme lengths to get another “hit” or “fix”. Codeine abusers aren’t limited to bums or teenagers, individuals of all statures are liable to become obsessed with Codeine. Abuse of codeine often affects not only the abuser, but people around the user too. Friends, family or even jobs may be neglected, lied to and mislead as a way to hide or satisfy the abuse. The abuser may go to extremes and concoct grand strategies in order to get the drug. This is one of the reasons obsession to Codeine is usually considered to be serious.

Symptoms of Codeine abuse include:

Change in mood, unusual appetite, altered sleep cycles, depression, absence at work and at home, running/sniffly nose, new group of friends and a drop in school grades. Lack of interest in hobbies and interests and other activities are also typical signs of Codeine use or other types of drug addiction.

Individuals without their own money source (for example teenagers) may additionally have a frequent necessity for money, without good reason. Confronting the suspected abuser is the perfect solution. Codeine addiction shouldn’t go ignored and rehabilitation options must be discussed and reviewed at the earliest opportunity. Long term effects of Codeine addiction can include: frustration, moodiness, restlessness, paranoia, possible auditory hallucinations, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure level, social ineptitude, financial difficulties, liver and kidney complications, respiratory issues, and many other mental and physical health problems.

The good thing is that treatments are available for Codeine addicts. Drug treatment rehab centers can be found all over The USA and are intended to give recovering abusers a safe and healthy atmosphere in which they could get over their abuse and cure withdrawal. A number of these centers are top-notch but you can research each facility carefully before choosing one. Therapy centres offer a number of comforts for recovering abusers. Some of these include substance detoxification sessions, group and private therapy, positive reward systems, limited opportunities to buy drugs, guidance, sports and games, and a self-contained setting. Many treatment facilities even offer meditation, volleyball and other fun activities to keep their residents well occupied.

Codeine abusers who thinking about quitting, should expect to go through withdrawal. This may last from days to weeks and may feel terrible, but will be well worth it in the end. Withdrawal may include nausea, vomiting, disorientation, dizziness, numbness, cold sweats, temperature, diarrhea, trouble sleeping and lots of other mainly mild symptoms. With proper care and attention, withdrawal can be managed without any serious concerns.

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