Natural Insomnia Treatment Secrets

By | May 1, 2017

Insomnia can be one of the most frustrating conditions. Why? Because after a consistent lack of sleep it is hard to stay mentally sane. You become more agitated, more stressed, more depressed, more anxious, and sometimes end up with even more complications as a result.

In most cases, insomnia itself is not an ailment, rather it is the symptom of another medical problem and should be treated as such. While there are many over the counter medications available in just about every drug store they only provide a quick fix to falling asleep. Medications may be successful as an insomnia treatment in the short term, but if used for periods beyond a few days they can cause side effects that may cause other health problems.

The majority of over the counter insomnia treatment products are not intended for long-term use and they can interfere with your daily activities by not allowing you to have a full night of restful sleep. Some of the common side effects of an over the counter insomnia treatment include:

* Dizziness
* Forgetfulnes
* Constipation
* Dry mouth
* Dry throat

These medications often don’t work for insomnia and can cause adverse side effects if you have insomnia because they include antihistamines, which are typically used for treatments of allergies. Yes these medications do cause drowsiness, but that is not enough to get you a full eight to ten hours of sleep every night.

Extended use of any drugs as an insomnia treatment may cause the development of drug tolerance, requiring a larger dose to have the same effect, and it may also cause a dependency on the sleep aid. Some sleeping pills may also have a negative drug interaction with other drugs and after long-term use may cause withdrawal symptoms when their use is ended.

I hope you are getting the message. Unless you have severe insomnia, have tried natural methods, and are currently on medication that does truly help you sleep, don’t take medication for insomnia.

Learn Natural Ways To Help You Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

If stress is causing your sleep loss, finding ways to deal with the stress will offer more in the way of insomnia treatment than sleeping pills will. Try learning breathing techniques, such as meditation and other mental practices to help you reduce stress.

Make your environment more conducive to sleep such as dark curtains over the windows if your schedule calls for going to bed before it gets dark. Most insomnia treatment suggestions revolve around changes in lifestyle such as:
* Avoiding alcohol
* Avoiding caffeine
* Avoiding food and drinks that may cause indigestion

What About Sleep Walk Reversal?

Additionally, some people may suffer from a sleep-wake reversal, especially if they have been traveling or have been working a shift other than traditional day shift. In some cases resetting the internal circadian clock by working throughout the day in bright lights and going to bed in the dark is all the insomnia treatment needed to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

If you suffer from insomnia my fist suggestion is to ask yourself what might be causing it, depression, anxiety, stress? Then try to naturally deal with those problems in order to deal with the insomnia. Don’t just turn to sleeping medications as they only mask the problem and in many cases make it worse.

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