How To Stop A Muscle Cramp? – Overcome Muscle Cramps With Simple Solutions Without Side Effects

By | August 7, 2017

If you are an athlete or even a sports freak, you would have by now asked the question of how to stop a muscle cramp many times. This is normal since cramps are more often than not associated with sports. However, what we fail to realize here, according to statistics, is that cramps are also equally responsible for a lot of pain in an ordinary person’s life.

Stopping Muscle Cramps With Knowledge:

Prevention is cure they say, but to prevent, knowledge is necessary.

Muscle cramps in the most rudimentary sense are the involuntary contraction of a voluntary muscle for a sustained period of time. Muscle cramps are categorized broadly into:

1) True Cramps

Knowing cures for this cramp can comprise 70% of the knowledge on how to stop a muscle cramp because this is the most common type of cramp. The main reason for occurrence as agreed by experts is ‘hyper-excitability’. Injury such as a fracture can offset muscle cramp as a protective mechanism. Also, vigorous activities can be a cause for this, where cramps occur during or after an activity.

2) Rest Cramps

Although not as common as true cramps, to fully understand how to stop a muscle cramp, knowledge on this type of cramp is necessary as well. Commonly found in people above 40 (though not a strict rule), cramps when resting occur mostly at night, also known as ‘nocturnal cramps’.

Overcoming Muscle Cramps With Simple Solutions:

Below are simple tips to overcome cramps. Alongside to each tip, we have listed natural substitutes for those who are short with time but want to see results within a short time.

1) Massage

Gentle massages are a great way to relieve the contractions in the cramped sites, by regulating blood flow.

Menthol works in the same way, by increasing blood flow and eliminating accumulated waste.

2) Cold Or Heat Treatment

Applying ice pack on the area for a few seconds and then applying a heat pad, helps generate heat from inside, relieving the contractions.

A herb called Ignatia works to improve blood circulation in a similar fashion, only more efficiently and faster.

3) Nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role in causing, as well as relieving cramps. Unusual distribution of body fluids due to minor liver and heart malfunction can offset cramps. Medications must be followed to restore normal functioning.

Decrease in calcium, magnesium and potassium levels in the body are major causes for cramps. Diets rich in these substances must be consumed to prevent cramps.

The herbs ‘Lachesis Mutus’ and ‘Naja’ can work wonders. Lachesis Mutus removes toxins and increases blood circulation, strengthening liver and heart functioning. Naja helps overcome pain by working on the nervous system, which is done by potassium and magnesium.

4) Pain Relief Medication

Although pain relief ointments can be used externally to help cure cramps, the actual result is far from the same. This is because most pain relief ointments only help to overcome pain temporarily, and does nothing to relieve the contractions causing the cramp. Side effects and a sharp odor do not help much either.

Cetyl Myristoleate, a revolutionary chemical claimed to cure pain without side effects can ostensibly replace these pain relief ointments. However, it is not stable in pure form.

How To Stop A Muscle Cramp Quickly:

The substitutes in the form of herbs are no doubt better and more efficient. But they can be difficult to procure and quite time-consuming to apply.

Moreover, in the laboratories of a reputed health institute, the seeds of hard work sown have now discovered that a cream made completely out of natural herbs, some of which are mentioned above including Cetyl Myristoleate in an extremely stable form, is proven to cure pain and muscle cramp quickly without any side effects. Because of its convenience, speed of effectiveness and zero side effects, it has become one of the most popular options to stop muscle cramp.

With this knowledge of tips and natural substitutes, you can now make an informed decision on how to stop a muscle cramp quickly and effectively.

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