Acid Reflux GERD Natural Treatment – Treating It Nature’s Way

By | August 16, 2017

If something is wrong with the kidneys or anyone is suffering from cardiac diseases, the attention of almost all the concerned people instantly turn towards the patient. Such fatal diseases call for immediate attention and treatment. Delay in treatment may lead to dangerous or fatal consequences. However, there are certain diseases or disorders that people tend to pay less or no attention. Some do not even consider them as disease. But if left untreated, even the non life threatening diseases can throw the life out of track leading to regrettable consequences. It is, therefore, wise to timely treat the diseases irrespective of whether it is dangerous or not. The acid reflux GERD natural treatment is neither expensive nor hectic. Without resorting to any prescription drugs, it can be eliminated. What is required is some careful consideration of what to do, eat, and what not. Yes, by following the nature’s way, one can conveniently ward off GERD.

Natural remedies for GERD

Get Rid of Hiatus Hernia: If hiatus hernia is the cause of acid reflux, it is essential to get rid of it. For treating it in a natural way, one can drink a glass of warm water or the water at room temperature after getting out of the bed in the morning and do light exercise by stretching out the arms and bending knees while standing. This can be done for about 5 minutes. It may not render instant result, but with the passage of time, it will prove to be an effective acid reflux GERD natural treatment.

Ginger root: Consuming a teaspoon of ginger root powder or the freshly grated ginger root a day can cure acid reflux. In case of any inconvenience in its consumption, one can also take the powder in the capsule form.

Reduction in salt use: One of the simplest solutions to fight acid reflux is to reduce the daily salt intake. The food may seem too bland or even tasteless to some extent, but this one can avoid this by substituting the food with natural vinegar, spices, and herbs etc.
Chewing gum: Saliva contains the compounds that protect esophagus, and chewing gum contributes towards the safety of esophagus by increasing the volume of saliva. This is may sound somewhat awkward or strange, but it is tried and tested formula for acid reflux GERD treatment.
Home remedies: The home remedies like consuming the unprocessed aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice with warm water, and raw almonds etc are very much effective for treating acid reflux.

Avoiding acid reflux trigger: Smoking and consumption of alcohol, fatty & spicy foods, caffeinated foods, citrus fruits, and carbonated beverages trigger acid reflux. Avoiding such things is an acid reflux GERD treatment.

Change in lifestyle: Eating heavy meals, and especially before going to bed causes acid reflux. It is advisable to take brief walks before going to bed. Taking light refreshment rather than large meals prevents acid reflux to a great extent.

The prescription medicines for GERD treatment are also easily available, but there is no reason why one should take that trouble if it can be eliminated with the natural remedies.

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