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By | January 26, 2018
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My 7-ADCA production this year could mark a breakthrough 4,000 tons to 5,000 tons of march, will in the international Pharmaceutical market Occupy a leading position

Recent note, Shandong Lunan Pharmaceutical Group built an annual output of 3,000 tons of 7-ADCA new production lines, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of 7-ADCA. This will completely reverse the long-standing dependence on imported Chinese cephalosporin intermediate situation, and make our country into the ranks of cephalosporin-producing countries, the output can be overwhelming, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and other developed countries.

Dependent on imports over the past 20 years

For various reasons, the domestic production of cephalosporin in the 70s of last century when the growth rate is extremely slow. To the late 80’s, the introduction of Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory in Korea, “semi-synthetic cephalosporin C technology”, and from South Korea purchased a large number of cephalosporin C zinc salt pyrolysis products 7-ACA, after a time by semi-synthetic cephalosporin market urgent API . Since then, China’s production of cephalosporins into the fast lane. System of the country there are at least hundreds of Pharmaceutical companies Industry also produces various types of cephalosporins. During this period, the pharmaceutical production of cephalosporin essential key intermediate nucleus?? 7-ACA and 7-ADCA the battle heated up.

7-ADCA than the price directly from the fermentation broth of actinomycetes to extract preparation of cephalosporin C into 7-ACA and then much lower. From the current marketing situation, to 7-ADCA were synthesized from the sales of cephalosporins to 7-ACA significantly more than was synthesized in the cephalosporin drugs. As our country to 6-APA as the starting material processing technology 7-ADCA of immature, so low yield and high cost, has long been unable to meet the domestic pharmaceutical industry on demand for 7-ADCA. Over the past 20 years ,7-ACA and 7-ADCA basically Antibioticos companies from Italy, Austria and the Netherlands, DSM Biochemie company monopoly companies.

Currently the world’s largest manufacturer of 7-ADCA is a Dutch company DSM, the company has been in the country and Portugal, India and other places were built 7-ADCA production base. It is understood, DSM’s 7-ADCA annual output reached 1,000 tons. 2006, Global 7-ADCA production has more than 6000 tons, of which the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, the United States, Spain, South Korea and India, the 7-ADCA as the main producer and exporter.

Total capacity of up to 56 tonnes of

As cephalosporin intermediate raw materials in China has long been developing very slowly, so domestic production of cephalosporins required for 7-ACA and 7-ADCA has been imported. This situation until the late 90s of last century began to change. Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory to build a lead can also produce 6-APA ,7-ACA and 7-ADCA important class of intermediate raw materials, workshop as an opportunity, including the North China Pharmaceutical Factory, Fuzhou Antibiotic Factory, Shandong and other domestic anti-drug companies have built their own pharmaceutical company 7-ADCA production. In addition, Sichuan Changzheng Pharmaceutical Factory was built with the cooperation with the Institute of Sichuan antibiotics on an annual output of 100 tons of 7-ADCA production line, by 2006, China’s annual output of 7-ADCA has been developed to 1000 tons.

Now, with the Shandong Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, 3,000 tons of new production lines built in our country in one fell swoop into the ranks of cephalosporin-producing countries. The domestic market, promising 7-ADCA is not the only one Lunan Pharmaceutical. It is understood that the new vanguard of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group’s new vanguard of medicine at Hai Huaide has also started production of 7-ADCA; North China Pharmaceutical Group fold companies have 7-ADCA production line, but for internal production use, not external sales ; Zhuhai United Laboratories Inc., based in penicillin production base in Inner Mongolia has reached an annual output of 6,000 tons of production capacity of penicillin industrial salt is said to also intends to develop its production of 7-ADCA; Shan Xi Weiqi Yongda penicillin production is equally interested in The company has merged with the Department of Datong in Shanxi Province with Ridge Aurobindo Pharma company, its purpose was to obtain the latter’s penicillin industrial salt and 7-ADCA production capacity, the ultimate goal; addition, the Hunan Nonferrous Kay platinum Biopharmaceuticals in 2007 completed a 6-APA production line, it is estimated will be involved in 7-ADCA production.

Other domestic companies are trying to have launched a number of penicillin industrial salt and 6-APA ,7-ADCA production project. According to the authorities speculated that if all these businesses all 7-ADCA production line put into operation, the total capacity of 7-ADCA in China is expected to reach 5,000 ~ 6,000 tons. 3rd quarter of 2007, the international penicillin strong rebound in the market price trend. At the same time, to penicillin as the starting material of 6-APA and 7-ADCA and other downstream product prices also will rise. The industry believes that our antibiotics API About to enter a new round of business cycle, thus wiping out the past few years has been shrouded in the antibiotics industry price slump the haze.

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