Pelvic Floor Exercise DVD for Men – Natural Prostate Health Program by PelvicRx: Improves Bladder Control, Treats Erectile Dysfunction – Effective for Prostate Surgery and Prostatectomy Recovery

By | February 21, 2018
Pelvic Floor Exercise DVD for Men – Natural Prostate Health Program by PelvicRx: Improves Bladder Control, Treats Erectile Dysfunction – Effective for Prostate Surgery and Prostatectomy Recovery

Roll back the clock on your prostate health naturally in just 30 minutes of prostate floor exercises per week.

Each PelvicRx pelvic exercise routine can be completed in just one week. Our doctors recommend beginning the program with 3 exercise sessions per week. These sessions require no special accessories: you can do the pelvic floor workouts lying down, standing up, or sitting in a comfortable chair in the privacy of your own home.

PelvicRx is an effective treatment program for problems such as male incontinence, post void dribbling, erectile dysfunction, prostate inflammation, and other issues related to pelvic health. Unlike drug-based treatment options, there are no side effects. The benefits stay with you for the rest of your life.

Pelvic floor muscle atrophy happens to all men with age. It’s one of the root causes of many prostate dysfunctions in aging men. The pelvic floor muscle group can be strengthened like any other muscle in the body – as long as you know how to do it safely in a program you can actually stick with.

Since most men don’t know how to prevent their pelvic muscles from weakening, they suffer serious consequences. The PelvicRx pelvic floor exercise routine can safely and effectively prevent or reverse many of the unfortunate sexual and prostate related conditions that result from weak pelvic muscles.

What’s Included In Your PelvicRx Order

Your order includes:

  • The expertly designed interactive PelvicRx DVD program
  • Step-by-step print resource guide
  • Lifetime digital access to the guided training videos accessible by computer, tablet, and smartphone

About the PelvicRx Team

PelvicRx was designed by a panel of top urologists, physiotherapists, and sexual health therapists and educators. This program was developed based on experience treating thousands of male patients with prostate health, urological, and erectile dysfunction issues.

  • EASY TO FOLLOW PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES FOR MEN: As men age, the critical muscle group that runs from the bottom of the public bone to the base of the spine weakens. This is frequently the root cause of embarrassing conditions like incontinence, bowel control issues, prostate inflammation, and erectile dysfunction. Strength training for your pelvic floor can roll back the clock and help eliminate the symptoms of decreased prostate function.
  • DOCTOR APPROVED PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR YOUR PELVIC FLOOR: The PelvicRx pelvic floor interactive exercise program was designed by top urologists, physiotherapists, and sexual health educators to dramatically improve pelvic muscle function for men in just a few weeks. What makes PelvicRX for Men so effective is the expertly designed, follow-along program that guides you through each exercise routine.
  • GUIDED TREATMENT TO STREGTHEN THE PELVIC FLOOR IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME: Unlike other pelvic floor treatments that require office visits or special accessories, the PelvicRx program can be performed in the privacy of your home without any special equipment.
  • RETAIN AND IMPROVE PROSTATE FUNCTION BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY: Prostate surgery usually reduces male urinary and sexual function. PelvicRx pelvic floor exercises can help prevent and treat some of the most serious consequences of prostate surgery, including incontinence, post void dribbling, and erectile dysfunction..
  • SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED – The PelvicRx program is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your purchase includes FREE access to digital exercise videos through any mobile device, tablet, or laptop and knowledgeable customer support.