Male impotence, infertility and Cell phones

By | February 26, 2018

Cell phones are as important as breathing in today’s world. Each one has at least a two of more of these little technological miracles to stay connected to the world personally and professionally, but according to various studies that have been conducted these cell phones are not exactly any good for men’s health. Yes, it does have potential of causing brain damages like cancer, tumours or any more such brain related problems and hence, people are told to make les usage of it and those who want to use it regularly must switch to hands free so that they are not directly exposed to the damaging radiations emitting from the mobile phones.

These tiny phones when kept in the trouser or jeans pockets (front or back) are said to cause severe harm in the long run on a man’s sexual abilities. In such a situation it causes immense harm to their penile region which could lead to ego wrecking syndromes like male infertility and impotence. Infertility means there is grave reduction in the sperm count of a person which makes it impossible for him impregnate women and fathers a child. It is a serious issue as most men are try to postpone taking up the responsibility of a child for later years of their lives and by then the damage caused by the cell phone radiation is so critical that they would no longer we able to father a baby. When they would finally want to start a family, they find it difficult and run helter-skelter to various clinics to fix it and start a family eventually.

While this can be cured after a therapy of treatment, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or male impotence can caused to by cellphones cannot be treated easily. Either you have to spend immense amount of money on all the expenses of a surgerical procedure to correct it or else stick to various herbal remedies or medications which would enhance their libido levels and helps them perform better in bed by having a lasting effect and giving them erectile abilities like never before.

Usually men face impotence in later years of their lives, ideally after they have faced their andropause period and when that happens, their testosterone levels go down big way leading to impotence in men. Furthermore, after this phase, unlike in women men do not lose their fertility and hence, even as they grey they can very well add little members in their families. However, with initiation of cellphones this phenomena is changing as ED is catching men young who are already part of lives which consists of improper diet, sporadic sleeping hours and so on. When all these factors come together, it undoubtedly lets impotence set in early on in their lives. If a person can’t get together his erectile abilities, how would he be able to father a child?


Hence when you are making use of cellphones, make sure that you would do not place them in your trouser pockets and instead stuff them in your laptop bags or at your work stations.

Cell phones cause major sexual health hazard to men and lead to infertility and impotence. Luckily, unlike infertility, impotence can be cured in matter of minutes with Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Generic Viagra online and Tadalis Sx online.