Cameron Diaz Diet – Secret Beach Body Diets and Workouts Revealed!

By | March 12, 2018

Cameron Diaz is one of the fittest Hollywood actresses. She flaunts a slender and appealing figure. She acted in movies like Charlie’s Angels, Gangs of New York and There’s Something About Mary. Lately, she was seen exhibiting the best body of her life.

Cameron Diaz Workout

* Her body shaping session started from the days of Charlie’s Angels where she had to undergo strenuous workout sessions. She has learnt a lot during those training schedules and later she appointed celebrity fitness trainer Teddy Bass.

* She performs cardio workouts such as running and brisk walking 5 days a week in her treadmill. She also performs weight-training workouts for shaping her muscles.

Cameron Diaz Diet

* Nutrition plays a major role in shaping your body and Cameron Diaz is extremely into nutritious foods, which keeps her fit and beautiful. Meal intake revs up your metabolism, which consequently burn fats. You should preferably take 6-8 small meals daily. Cameron Diaz loves to binge on high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables. She loves vegetable broth soup, which she always drinks before dinner. She knows the value of proteins. A high protein and low fat diet is extremely important for maintaining your energy levels. She also takes protein shakes between her meals.

* Drinking enough water is extremely important because it keeps your body hydrated. You should drink 10-12 glasses of water daily for flaunting a healthy and toned appearance. Most people think that she undertakes celebrity or lunch box diets but it’s not true. She basically believes in healthy eating and losing weight naturally.

* Acai berry diet is one of the most powerful fat burning diet. This diet plan mainly focuses on fat loss. Acai berry diet can also act as a hunger suppressant. You can easily stay motivated throughout the dieting session because of its unique mood enhancing properties. Other beneficial diet for flushing out toxins and fats is Colon Cleanse diet.

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