Reverse Common Infertility Issues and Get Pregnant Naturally Posted By : Ryan J. Jelley

By | August 26, 2018

It is becoming more and more common for women to have infertility problems. I myself have known many women who have desperately struggled to get pregnant, sometimes with no avail. It is such a sad situation but there is hope. Why do you think that in 2011, women struggle with getting pregnant more so than say, even 20 years ago? The answer is simple, more drugs, more environmental toxins, and diets void of the necessary nutrition we all need.

With that said, we are going to take a look at some things that both men (yes, men are equally part of the problem) and women can do to reverse common infertility problems and conceive naturally.

The best thing you can do to reverse infertility is to change your diet. Sounds simple enough right? Well, the problem is that the average American does not know what a good diet should look like due to fad diets, commercials, and wanting convenience instead of taking the time to make something from scratch.

For example, the health benefits of Soy, is one of the biggest marketing scams on the market today. Everywhere you go, you can see commercials about how “good” Soy is for you. The fact of the matter, it is actually not good for you at all! 98% of Americans do not and should not consume Soy products such as Soy Milk, Tofu, Soy Cheese, and the list goes on.

So when it comes to tweaking your diet, here are some things to help you get your body of track for conceiving naturally.

Things to try and avoid or minimize:

– Soy
– Animal-derived estrogens found in most dairy products
– Sugar especially, white sugar. Avoid fake sugars like Splenda and Aspartame (found in diet stuff)
– Coffee, especially decaf (that includes once you finally get pregnant, decaf is far worse than a little regular caffeine so if you dying for a little coffee just have regular but small amount)
– Beef (unless organic)
– Processed foods
– Bad fats such as Trans Fats. Did you know — consuming these bad fats which are hidden in foods such as; chocolate, doughnuts, processed foods, lollies, candy , chips, pies, fries, fast food, and thousands of other foods may increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70 percent?
– Fish (Most fish contain Mercury; even in small amounts can decrease your chance of getting pregnant naturally) When you do eat fist choose small deep sea fish. Absolutely no farm raised fish should be in your diet.

One of the common denominators among those struggling to get pregnant is this:

Their bodies have highly acidic pH levels. So the goal would be to get your body to a more normal, more alkaline state and that is by doing the things above plus ensuring you are eating plenty of vegetables and a decent amount of fruit, quality protein, and small amounts of healthy grains.

Other things to consider and do when you are trying to reverse infertility:

– Avoid environmental toxins such as household chemicals. Click the link below for what to use instead.

– Avoid formaldehyde found in perfumes, found in air fresheners, deodorants, floor polish, and upholstery cleaners.

– Pesticides found on most non-organic fruits and vegetables, and also in unfiltered tap water. If you can’t afford to go 100% organic than do what you can and be sure to wash the rest with an organic fruit and veggie wash, or you can just spray a little 50/50 solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (this is a much cheaper option that works just as good, if not better).

– Don’t drink unfiltered tap water. Waterways are constantly being polluted by industrial waste, by-products, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and herbicides and commercial cleaning products. Heavy metals are also commonly found in our water. I recommend a dual filtration system and to use it not only in your kitchen, but also in your shower. Your body absorbs a lot of water when showering and is just as important to filter as your drinking water.

– Be careful what drugs and vaccines you take. Common drugs such as antibiotics can throw off your body and make it harder to get pregnant. I always recommend natural alternatives whenever possible as long as you are not endangering yourself in any way. Also, be sure to investigate the vaccines you are about to take before getting them. Doctors will tell you all the reasons you should get them, but be sure you know the other side of the coin. Common vaccines like Flu shots can affect getting pregnant. I recommend getting information from your doctor but then also reading the research done by those who are against the vaccine so you can see both sides of the picture.There is a great resource that I recommend, check it out my clicking the link below.

– Become aware and deal with food allergies. If you want a holistic approach to identifying and reversing (yes, you can get rid of allergies) I recommend a program called Naet ( Find a local person who uses this program and I guarantee that your life will be changed. However, the process and how it works is so hard to grasp initially, so be warned. I still hardly understand it but am living proof it works. I feel so much better today and am so much healthier because of it. One additional recommendation when trying to find the right person, who uses the Naet program, be certain that they only plan to treat you for what you’re actually allergic too. Some unethical practices are trying to treat you for everything under the sun in a ploy to make more money (I purposefully found a Christian practice who worked with 100% integrity).

– Take high quality vitamins to supplement your diet. Be sure that they are 100% food and herb ingredients and nothing man made. Some vitamins to consider are Omega-3’s such as Krill oil, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Folic Acid. Again, be sure you deal with your allergies first. After going to the place that does Naet, I found out I was actually allergic to some vitamins and hormones. When you take something you are allergic to, your body won’t properly absorb it, making it a waste of money, and leaving your body without that necessary supplement.

– Consider Chiropractic Care. I have heard many, many stories of people who began getting chiropractic treatments and got pregnant soon after. Women, you would also want to continue this once you are pregnant as well.

If you begin to work on these things, you will be well on your way to getting pregnant naturally. Remember, your body will need a couple months to adjust to all the changes so I don’t recommend trying to conceive right away. Give your body 3-4 months at least, as hard as that may sound if you desperately want to get pregnant right now. It will be well worth your wait and will increase your chances dramatically. Be sure to keep these things up during and after pregnancy to keep you and baby healthy for years to come! So reverse infertility issues by making these changes and be on your way to having a happy, healthy addition to your family. Women Health And Fitness | Infertility