Best road bikes under £1000 that are suitable for all levels

By | February 19, 2021

It seems we’re all finding new ways to keep fit and get out into the fresh air – and cycling is certainly top of the list.

“Cycling has experienced an incredible boom in 2020, with some analysts claiming that 5% of the UK bought a bike during the Covid-19 lockdown,” says a spokesperson from Specialized.

“This interest in cycling will benefit the country by creating cleaner air, less congested roads and ultimately a healthier and happier society.”

But you don’t have to buy Tour de France-worthy rides to get involved. The best road bikes under £1000 will allow you to hit the road, whether for leisure or commuting.

Aled Gamble, Marketing Manager at, says: “We have definitely seen an increase in sales across the board, particularly in the more entry-level market. This is primarily from cyclists who are new to the sport that are either looking to avoid public transport as part of their commute or simply looking to use cycling as their main form of exercise with gyms closing and sports clubs being put on pause.

“Also with many people turning to staycations this year, we have all been reminded that the bicycle is a fantastic way to explore the beautiful British countryside.

“The benefits of cycling are clear to see from a fitness and mental health point of view, so it is our hope that riders who are new to the sport enjoy themselves and stick with it even when this horrible virus subsides.”

If you’re looking for an ‘entry level’ road bike, you’re probably looking for a good mix of performance, versatility and reliability.

Aled says: “What is just as important as features, no matter which bike you buy, is that you get a bike fit to make sure it is set up perfectly for your body. This will lead to a more comfortable ride and ultimately help you enjoy your road cycling more.”

We’ve rounded up the best road bikes under £1000 below for a high-performance yet affordable ride.

Best road bikes under £1000

1.  Specialized Allez Sport

The Specialized Allez focuses on weight, refinement and reliability like nothing else in its class. The light frame allows you to climb up hills and carry your bike up stairs with ease, while the Allez’s full FACT carbon fibre forks ensures better handling and smoother riding than other entry level road bikes that cut corners to meet price points.

The Specialized Allez also features integrated rack and fender mounts, which makes it easily adaptable to become a fast commuter bike.

2. Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike

Eurobike does some great entry-level road bikes to kickstart your cycling journey.

This one is a good price with an easy-to-control speed system and a versatile frame. Ideal for commuting and leisurely weekend rides.

One Amazon customer said: “Great bike to start your journey into cycling. My only criticism is the pedals – you may want to invest in a better set as they are not overly grippy. But overall a great bike for the money and I would recommend.”

3. Dawes Galaxy Cromo 2020 Touring Bike

Specifically designed to be smooth and versatile, this bike is ideal for  commuting, touring, adventure and road.

The aluminium frame is lightweight, and it’s also been designed to boost road safety with its reflective decal design on the frame, fork and tyre sidewalls – so you can be seen from every angle.

4. Brand-X Road Bike

If it’s value for money you’re after, the Brand-X road bike was made for you.

It boasts a lightweight aluminium frame, ensures reliable shifting whatever the conditions, and the large, wide wheels are strong and grippy, easily tackling city roads and potholes.

A reliable and comfortable entry-level bike that will get you out exercising and soaking up the scenery. There’s also a good selection of spacers to allow for plenty of adjustment between an upright position (for endurance riding) and a lower more performance position (for shorter faster rides). It may lack a little in gear choice, but gets rave reviews in other areas.

One customer said:  “This is my first bike in adult life and it is exactly what I needed. It is lightweight so I can take it up and down my building stairs with ease. It’s the perfect spec for a road bike for beginners and casual commuters.”

5. Triban 500 Disc Sora Road Bike

A great choice for work and play!

Arriving in this standout turquoise colour, the Triban RC 500 is a great option for those who ride for work and pleasure.

It features a gentle slope design, foam handlebar tape and a hammock saddle design are all fitted to make the bike more comfortable and pleasurable to ride.

Not designed for super long rides, its great for the daily commuter and the leisure cyclist who dabbles now and then.

6. SAVADECK Warwind3.0 Carbon Road Bike

If you’re getting a bit more serious about your cycling and are eating up more miles and more competitive, speedy rides, this road bike is a great upgrade.

It boasts a professional-worthy lightweight carbon frame for power-efficient riding, and is a steed that will glide you through a multitude of road riding activities.

One happy rider said: “Bought this as I have just got back into riding after 20 years, on the first trip out I did 48 miles. So comfy and easy to ride.”

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