Saturday Night Live Just Spoofed Anti-Vaxxers in a Sad But True Game Show Sketch

By | April 4, 2021

Last night’s Saturday Night Live included a number of topical sketches, from a Britney Spears-anchored talk show featuring Lil Nas X and Matt Gaetz, to a video parodying the apology video cycle that every YouTuber ends up going through sooner or later. One of the timeliest, however, was Will You Take It?, described by the host, a medical doctor played by Daniel Kaluuya, as “the game show where I try to convince my family to take the Covid vaccine.”

The contestants on Will You Take It? include a diabetic cousin who has been shot in the lung, an uncle with a history of heart disease, and an auntie who treats Facebook as her primary source of medical information. Despite Kaluuya’s increasingly frustrated pleas (and bribes of up to $ 10,000 in cash) to get vaccinated, none of them agree to it, citing concerns that the vaccine has syphilis in it, or saying they’ll take it once other people start taking it—regardless of the fact that millions already have.

The sketch is essentially just the same joke hit over and over from different angles, but it’s not just poking fun at anti-vaxxers (although, seriously, Facebook is not a newspaper!). It also provides an extra layer of commentary, given that Black Americans are among the most reticent to get the vaccine in real life.

This isn’t the first time SNL has referenced the vaccine in one of its skits. Just last week, the show dropped a pretty funny music video for a rap song called ‘Boomers Got the Vax’, showing a number of over-50s living large—and in stereotypically selfish fashion—after getting their shot.

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