Exciting News Announcement: A Bright New Chapter Unfolds!

By | March 18, 2024

I have an exciting announcement for you! As you may recall, September 23, 2022, the Mercola website was cyberattacked and taken offline. Because of that attack, we switched to a process where our newsletter content was only viewable on the website for 48 hours. After that, it was migrated to our Censored Library on Substack, where most was kept behind a paywall. But guess what? Change is here!

Today I am thrilled to announce that our content will no longer have a time limit on it or be restricted to paid subscribers. Yes, you read that right! All our insightful articles and resources will once again be freely accessible on Mercola.com.

Leading the Charge in Tech-Driven Health Transformation

My journey has always been fueled by a passion for blending technology and health. While many of my contemporaries focused solely on treating disease, my vision was different — I aimed to empower people to prioritize wellness. I was the oddball that wanted to get people healthy, and not just keep disease under control.

Over a quarter century ago, I recognized the transformative power of the internet. It became clear to me that by leveraging this incredible tool, I could reach millions worldwide and make a meaningful impact on their lives — a far cry from what I could accomplish by treating patients face-to-face.

Fast forward to today, and our website is among the most-visited natural health sites in the world and has been so for over a quarter century. Yet, with great influence comes resistance.

The existing world order accurately perceived me as a threat to their hegemony and began to actively censor me over a decade ago, and then eliminated me from the search engines over seven years ago. To date, I have caused these industries to lose close to $ 100 billion by educating people about health truths.

Revolutionizing Health

It was my intention to provide the world with insider information on how the medical system worked so you could avoid needless pain and suffering. I was never trained to be a journalist, but I grew into one, and in the process I learned that most of the information that could help improve health and treat disease was being actively suppressed by what many call “Rockefeller medicine.”

This “allopathic” approach to health got its start in 1910 when Rockefeller catalyzed the writing of the Flexner report. This report caused an elimination of virtually all natural approaches to treat the cause of disease and substituted them with drug- and surgical-based approaches that failed to address the cause of the disease, while increasing corporate profits — and human suffering.

This approach became progressively more restrictive, and the medical establishment resorted to increasingly sophisticated propaganda techniques to convince the population that there was a magic pill for every disease.

Medical schools then became indoctrination institutions to train physicians to recognize that every set of symptoms has a name and an appropriate drug to relieve those symptoms. There was virtually never any effort directed at addressing the foundational cause of those symptoms. Tragic but true.

Inspiring Change and Unveiling Truths

My journey has led me to uncover profound insights into health and wellness. I identified simple yet potent strategies capable of addressing the root cause of diseases. Yet, remarkably, most people, even if they’re handed the knowledge of how to optimize their health on a silver platter, will not implement it. They refuse to adopt the changes required to achieve health.

I eventually realized that knowledge alone wasn’t enough. Over the past year or so, a deeper understanding has emerged — a realization that true empowerment stems from a connection to Spirit. Once a person’s connection to Spirit is impaired, or even severed completely, the ability to implement information about health becomes severely compromised.

I’ve come to recognize that most have simply been unable to apply this knowledge personally due to circumstances beyond their control. That is why, from this point forward, our focus will shift toward providing content that empowers you to make informed decisions by fostering not only health but also joy in your life.

Empowering You to Embrace Joy and Take Control of Your Health

I’ve reached a profound realization: Joy and health share a deep and intricate connection. In light of this understanding, I am shifting my focus toward the weak link in this relationship, namely joy or, more accurately, the lack of joy that most people experience.

I want to help empower you to trust in your own discernment, rather than relying solely on external authorities, myself included. My goal is to help you stand independently of all the so-called experts and institutions that seek to cut you off from your own wisdom.

My aim is to guide you toward a state of self-reliance, independent of the pervasive influence of those who champion the mantra of “trust the science.” These voices, often driven by profit motives and/or personal agendas, can veer you off course, clouding your judgment and diverting you from your innate wisdom.

By fostering trust in your own intuition, your internal compass, your true self, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and alignment with your authentic truth. This inward journey is not merely a path to physical well-being; it represents a profound stride toward unlocking the vast reservoirs of knowledge and insight that reside within you, waiting to be rekindled with the essence of your true self.

Redefining Health and Happiness

My goal is to foster a supportive community where you can confidently explore and grasp these principles, empowering you to take control not only of your health, but of your own life decisions, and to comprehend the context in which you make them. This empowerment is available to everyone, no matter what your existing beliefs may be.

This perspective will help you become less dependent on government bodies, particularly public health authorities and so-called “expert” physicians or scientists, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries, which have tried to disconnect you from your own power. These entities operate on belief systems that nearly always are not aligned with your personal empowerment.

I’ve come to understand that joy serves as a guiding metric for making decisions that empower and enrich our lives. While joy and happiness may seem synonymous, their essence diverges significantly. Happiness often manifests as a passive state, fleeting and dependent on external circumstances.

Joy, on the other hand, emanates from within, transcending the realm of sensory gratification. Unlike pleasure, which is ephemeral and tied to immediate sensory stimuli, joy represents a deeper, enduring fulfillment — the ultimate pursuit and realization of life’s purpose. Joy gives you the confidence to know that all is well even though life may be crashing around you.

Spreading Joy: Unlocking Life’s Potential With Free Access to Empowering Wisdom

So, my new goal is to increase the joy in the world. Joy, a universal aspiration, knows no bounds — it belongs to each and every individual. While I have played a pivotal role in enlightening millions on the truths of health, my newfound objective extends far beyond that.

My goal now is to guide you through a transformative approach focused on increasing joy. And yes, that process most certainly includes optimizing your biology and health.

I am in the process of writing 12 books and have nearly finished the first one, called “The Power of Choice.” I hope to have it published sometime this spring, a time synonymous with rejuvenation and new beginnings.

In the meantime, in an effort to support all of you as much as possible, we have decided to make the newsletter content accessible to all at no cost. So, although we will continue to post on Substack, all articles since we started posting on Substack will now be on Mercola.com, for free access. The older articles will be gradually migrated over the next few weeks.

Anyone who wishes to request a refund for their Substack subscription should contact customerservice@mercola.com and provide them with the date of when your subscription started.