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Liquid diet following gastric bypass

All beverages and liquids should be sipped very slowly. In order to reduce the amount of fat around the liver and spleen, a preoperative liquid diet must be followed days before gastric bypass surgery. Some patients need additional folic acid or iron supplements, particularly women who are still menstruating. Choose low-fat and low- or no-sugar… Read More »

Avoid Stress With The Following Advice

If you live a stressful life, you’re not alone. Many people have a lot of uncontrolled stress in their lives that affects their health and productivity. If this sounds like your life, read on to learn some easy tips to manage your stress and improve your overall well being. One great tip for relieving stress… Read More »

Lowville woman accused of drug possession following disturbance

Lowville woman accused of drug possession following disturbance LOWVILLE — A Lowville woman was accused of illegally possessing a narcotic drug following a disturbance at the A Plus Mini Mart on South State Street. Village police charged Katrina R. Nugent, 21, of 9435 Fenton House Drive, with disorderly conduct, … Read more on WatertownDailyTimes.com My insomnia… Read More »