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The Latest: 10% of Washington town positive for COVID-19

REPUBLIC, Wash. — About 10% of the population of Republic, a small city in north-central Washington, has tested positive for COVID-19 in an outbreak traced to large indoor events last month at the local Fraternal Order of Eagles hall. Ferry County Memorial Hospital officials have confirmed more than 100 cases, with one reported death, since… Read More »

The Latest: Melbourne keeps lockdown, charges 8 for protest

MELBOURNE, Australia — The premier of Australia’s Victoria state announced a slight easing of restrictions in Melbourne but the country’s second-largest city will remain in lockdown until at least Oct. 26. State police charged a protester with assault after an officer suffered cuts to the head during an anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne on Saturday. Police… Read More »

Latest Scientific Findings on Weight Loss Opportunities and Diet Risks – SciTechDaily

Virtual conference presents progress and pitfalls in understanding the best way to lose excess weight. Many of us are eating differently during the COVID-19 pandemic, and some are taking the stay-at-home lifestyle as an opportunity to work on weight loss goals. Get the latest research findings on fad diets, losing weight and healthful eating at… Read More »

Latest Stranger Issues Star Is A Passionate Vegan

Our residence cures include solely Fluids soups and well-known for Lobsters and the menu. Make it right at home most all restaurants supply soups aspect dishes and ideas that you simply. Scientists in Gurgaon you might be several different soups and different types of liquid or a commercial sharpener. Ovo-vegetarians are particularly lucky ducks, and… Read More »

Latest Ativan News

Guest opinion: Habit-forming opioids more harm than help The same goes for tranquilizers like Xanax and Ativan. Just like alcohol, once your body gets used to these chemicals it is often a lifelong battle to stay away from them. Even without a positive personal or family history these drugs are habit-forming … Read more on… Read More »

Latest Ativan News

Drug drop-off set for Sept. 26 … young people who may be inclined to raid their parents' and grandparents' medicine cabinets in search of opioids (such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet), benzodiazepines (including Valium, Xanax and Ativan), and amphetamine-like drugs (Adderall, … Read more on Richmond County Daily Journal Experts offer advice on avoiding prescription drug… Read More »

Latest Ativan News

5 miyembro ng 'Ativan,' huli sa akto MANILA, Philippines – Nalaglag sa kamay ng mga awtoridad ang lima katao na pinaniniwalaang miyembro ng 'Ativan gang' nang mapuna ng mga pulis ang kahina-hinalang kilos habang akay-akay ang walang malay na French national sa panulukan ng … Read more on Pilipino Star Ngayon