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Several states record deadliest days in weeks as coronavirus cases surge

Arizona, California, and Texas recorded the highest number of new deaths in weeks on Wednesday as outbreaks worsened throughout the South and West. Arizona recorded nearly 4,878 new cases and 88 new deaths Wednesday, a record single-day jump for the state, just ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit. The previous single-day high in the… Read More »

Peripheral Nerve Blocks can treat Several Chronic Pain Conditions

Nerve blocks are one of the most effective treatments for most painful conditions. Most patients can undergo peripheral and selective nerve blocks safely. Nerve blocks with steroids are used to reduce joint and nerve inflammation, which also reduces abnormal signaling from injured or damaged nerves. Pain and injury makes the nerves more sensitive, and a… Read More »

Several Outcomes Of Sleeping Pills That Individuals Need To Be Very Careful About

Lunesta (Eszopiclone) is a sleeping tablet prescribed by health professionals used for healing adults suffering from insomnia. Exactly like any other sleeping pills, there is a huge possibility of becoming reliant to the drug, consequently, making an individual dependent on it. Lunesta is permitted by FDA for extended use in treating insomnia compared to other… Read More »