Signs Of Anxiety – Have You Suffered From One Or More Of These ?

By | May 24, 2016

Many people suffer in silence when it comes to an anxiety disorder. They simply see it as part of the job or the lifestyle they lead or they are totally unaware that it can be treated. The first step toward conquering and curing an anxiety disorder is to learn the typical signs of anxiety. When diagnosed, there are very effective therapies and relaxation techniques that can help restore those who suffer from anxiety disorder to a healthier, happier life.

If you have any concern that you might be suffering from anxiety disorder it is absolutely essential for you to understand the signs of anxiety before an attack occurs. It is possible for a person to arrest such an anxiety attack through medication and treatment and this will allow him to cope with the situation and prevent further escalation.

During anxiety attacks, a person experiences physical symptoms including racing heart beat, shortness of breath, nausea, and chest pain. These symptoms are so severe that, during the attack, patients will often mistake it for a heart attack or fear that they are dying when, if fact, they are signs of anxiety. To the patient, these symptoms and fears are very real and extremely traumatizing, especially when the attacks occur on a regular basis.

Anxiety can control your life. It can cause a person to be afraid of crowds of people, refuse to attend social events and make you prisoner of your fears. Many people do not seek proper medical care at the first signs of anxiety until it results in an emergency room visit. They are convinced they are suffering a heart attack.

Treating an anxiety disorder will often involve combining such techniques as therapy and relaxation skills with a course of medication. Usually, doctors will treat the anxiety disorder with medications such as Ativan, or Xanax, to alleviate the worst physical signs of anxiety first.

One of the main things the therapist teaches you is how to recognize the signs of anxiety and how to cope with anxiety one day at a time. There are techniques you can learn that will help you to keep mild anxiety from escalating into an anxiety attack. With the completion of therapy under your belt, you might even be able to get off of your medication under your doctor’s careful supervision.

If you recognize some of these symptoms in your daily life then don’t be afraid to seek some professional help. don’t brush it under the carpet or even try to take care of it yourself. It’s important to seek treatment that is available, and is typically inexpensive. It’s important to find help as soon as you notice any signs of anxiety entering your life. You will be amazed at the changes you will notice with medication and therapy.

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