Ten Things You Wanted to Know About Sleep Disorders But Were Too Tired to Ask

By | July 17, 2016

Don’t have much time to find out about sleep disorders? Or, are you exhausted from a lack of sleep? Well, not to worry. Before, you know it you will have read 10 reasons why people suffer from sleep disorders.

1) There are two different kinds of insomnia.

Insomnia is classified as either being acute or chronic.

2) Approximately fifty-eight percent of adults claim to suffer from some type of sleeping disorder.

Busy lives, crazy work schedules, familial responsibilities, etc., all lead to people being continuously on the go. In order to extend the day, they feel it is normal or okay to cut into sleep time to accomplish all the tasks of the day.

3) One in four Americans takes some kind of sleep medication.

With so many choices in prescription sleep aids and over the counter drugs at the local store, people tend to rely on chemicals to help them doze off quickly. But some of the chemicals can be quite addictive and dangerous, and are highly misused.

4) Many sleep disorders stem from physical ailments.

Though worry is a common theme with insomniacs, perhaps you just had surgery, or are suffering from chronic back pain. It is hard to find that comfortable place on the mattress, which in turn, keeps you up all night sometimes.

5) Sleep apnea or snoring are very serious and can worsen sleep disorders.

Not only will this affect your partner’s sleep, but people who snore may suffer from sleep apnea, where you can actually stop breathing for a couple seconds during the night. Because this happens, sufferers may feel groggy and want to take naps during the day, causing sleeplessness at night.

6) Insomnia is actually poor sleep, not a complete lack of sleep.

It is a constant misconception, but if you were not getting any sleep at all, you would obviously not be able to function. Insomniacs may sleep in spurts, getting periods of rest, but never achieving rapid eye movement which causes dreams.

7) A sleeping disorder can be caused by a major life change.

Going back to the different kinds of insomnia, acute insomnia may only last for a couple of days. This may be due to a job change, menopause, pregnancy, losing a loved one, or anything that has caused a change in your daily schedule.

8) Diet plays an important part in having trouble sleeping.

The foods that we eat can cause problems during the night if our bodies have a hard time digesting it properly. Eating fatty or greasy foods in the evening will make for an uncomfortable time lying down. Also, eating close to bedtime causes you to stay awake until your body shuts down from processing the food.

9) Sometimes a psychologist can help you with your sleeping disorder.

Many times your primary care physician can help you with your sleeping problems, but it might behoove you to see a therapist to find out why you are lying awake. Perhaps it is stress or anxiety that needs looking into in order for you to feel more rested.

10) Napping will make your sleep disorder much worse.

You are not helping your body by trying to catch up on sleep during the day. This will only make it harder for you to feel drowsy when you should, throwing yourself into an offbeat sleeping pattern.

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