Causes of Anxiety

By | July 30, 2016

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Statistics show that a considerable number of people suffer from anxiety and they forever remain unaware of it, regarding them as random spurts of stress breaking out. In simple words, anxiety can be described as a condition where a person may experience sudden and unexpected panic that may be triggered by no external input or no provocation at all. These attacks usually are suffered by people who have anxiety disorder, a kind of disorder where one is prone to anxiety attacks more often than any normal person would do. A person who has anxiety disorder can have feelings of breakdown.

People suffering from anxiety get an even bigger reason to panic as they can come anytime to the person. Usually when there are periods of heightened stress, anxiety occurs. If the person who has anxiety is not treated properly, it can persist and occur when the person is not experiencing stress as well. Anxiety is mainly a psychological condition and it occurs when big responsibilities and changes come into the life of an individual most of which are unexpected and unintended. Examples of the changes which may affected a person are when a person takes major decisions of life like voluntary resignations, marriage, extending family or so after a lot of consideration and thought.

If Thyroid gland functions erratically, it would cause hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland secretes excess hormones which are responsible for mood swings and anxietys. Excess consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee also make the body prone to anxiety by decreasing your resistance to anxiety.

While most people know how to overcome anxiety but very less would actually try to implement it in their life. If a person requires medical assistance to control anxiety levels in body, it is advisable to see an advice from the doctor. Anxietyt is a condition which is controlled by the mind but it does not mean that people can simply control it by their mind. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a process which is undertaken under professional supervision to reduce anxiety and provide permanent solution and tactics to control and combat the stress in in the mind.

A good cure for anxiety may be practicing yoga which has been proven to be highly beneficial for reducing stress. Go to some specialist and make a list of all stress reducing exercises which will also keep the body fit. You can consult a doctor and get anti depressants prescribed, but you must take care to take them in regular and prescribed times and not only the periods when you feel an anxiety creeping up on you. Anxiety treatment will only work on you if you believe in the solutions. Many times people suffering from anxiety disorder suffer more from the fact that they may get a anxiety any moment. Those people should realize that there is no real loss to the occurrence of anxiety and when resolved quickly by keeping a calm mind and breathing evenly, anxiety would not harm you in any way.

Natural Treatment for Anxiety” is one of the best online free resources for people who have anxiety. People who have anxiety are recommended to use natural treatment with some medical treatment to cure anxiety.

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