Chill Out ~ B Complex for Adrenal Support, Stress & Anxiety – Used By Patients of Naturopathic Doctor

By | November 9, 2016
Chill Out ~ B Complex for Adrenal Support, Stress & Anxiety - Used By Patients of Naturopathic Doctor

**Dr. Valerie Nelson’s #1 Best Seller With Her Patients.  Over 1,000 patients have been helped with this product! Dr. Nelson is a Naturopathic Doctor who believes in a non-toxic approach to resolving health issues.

 **This product is all plant and food based.  Most of the ingredients in this product can be found in breads, fruits and vegetables (or is an herb, which is also plant based).  So many of the medications to treat anxiety and depression have many side effects (just watch the commercials).  Why not try something natural?

 **If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, heart palpitations; soreness across the back due to stress; headaches; thinning hair and any stress-related issues, try Chill Out!!!  

** Dr. Nelson has a successful wellness practice in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and does phone consultations across the U.S.  Treating depression, anxiety & stress related illness is the number one thing she deals with. 

 **You do not have to have a diagnoses of depression or anxiety to use this product.  It is good for anyone who is in a busy or stressful lifestyle.  Remember – this is not a drug it is a vitamin.

 **Go with a product that has been tested and tried successfully with many of her patients. If you are on any current medications to treat depression or anxiety, you can take these with those medications, as there are no interactions. Results are very quick if you are on the proper dose.

** You will get emails from Dr. Nelson’s office with dosing instructions.  Some people only need 2 of these per day, but some need up to 8 – there is no harm in taking that many & we have many individuals who need a higher amount if their anxiety or stress is higher.


 **We have 2 Different Sizes Available – 240 Tablets or 120 Tablets

  • #1 Product of Dr. Nelson – Used By Over 1,000 Happy Patients For Every Day Stress Relief – Makes You a Happier Person (your spouse and children too).
  • Non-Toxic ~~ All Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs for Adrenal Support, Stress, Anxiety & Depression – Not all B Complex Vitamins are the same
  • Reduces Stress Naturally; Adrenals; ADD; Autism – Simply dissolve in juice if they cannot swallow
  • Anti-depressants & Anti-anxiety medications have potential serious side effects including bone weakness & suicide. Visit to learn more