Falling Asleep Fast And Easy Using The Nightwave Sleep Assistant

By | August 3, 2017

The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a device that aims to induce sleep faster than one can typically achieve. It is a known fact that human life has become very hectic and stressful, with the work day filled with stress. It can be difficult to leave that stress behind at the end of the day. The idea behind this instrument is to help calm overactive mind, and bring it close to a sleeping point, after which all that the person needs to do is roll-over and sleep!

However, how does it actually help and why do you need a device to help you fall asleep faster? If you are tired enough, can’t you just fall asleep on your own? The reality is that there are several factors that affect sleep. Let us discuss this further.

Sleeping Disorders

Factors such as sleeping disorders affect many people who don’t get enough sleep, but true sleep disorders are no the most common cause of a lack of sleep. There are several known sleeping disorders affect people, and each of them is related in some way or the other to a worked-up mind. Insomnia is a general medical term for a medically-caused lack of sleep. DSPS, or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, is a common cause of insomnia resulting from the inability of the body to enter rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. A person suffering from sleeping disorders may find it difficult to sleep properly at night or fall asleep fast. They end up tossing and turning with an intention to fall asleep, but usually taking long to fall asleep. Even if the sleep comes, it is often not sound sleep, with frequent waking throughout the night. People who suffer from various forms of insomnia often resort to take a sleeping pill, which may have side-effects and usually does not result in a satisfying sleep.

The human mind is most active during the day, with synapses firing and creating electrical impulses that surge through the brain. This brain activity is important when you are at work and throughout the day. However, this hightened state of brain activity becomes a challenge at the end of the day. Many people find it challenging to “turn down” this activity, and transition to a less active and more relaxed state.

A stressed brain does will find “sound sleep” challenging. A relaxed mind, on the other hand, brings calmness in the brain waves and thus enables better sleep. This calmness is what the NightWave Sleep Assistant aims to bring.

Environmental Factors

Your sleep environment, including your bed, the amount of light or noise that affects your sleep area, is a huge factor in how quickly you get to sleep, but also in staying asleep. Many people can fall asleep easily, but have a hard time staying asleep. If you experience a lack of sleep, work to address any environmental factors such as too much sound or noise that may be disturbing your sleep.

Behavioral Factors

Diet, exercise, and your daily routine can have a huge impact on your ability to sleep at night. In general, avoid caffeine after lunch, exercise in the morning, and avoid stressful situations at work. These behaviors help create a situation where your mind can relax more easily, and makes it easier to find sleep at the end of the day.

The Sleep Assistant

The NightWave Sleep Assistant is not a miracle cure. It cannot help with true medically-caused sleep disorders, it has no ability to address environmental factors that lead to an inability to fall asleep, and will not be effective in changing your behavior related to sleep, except in one way.

The NightWave Sleep Assistant helps calm your mind and body, preparing you to fall asleep easily and naturally. Additionally, it is effective at helping you fall back asleep if you awaken in the middle of the night. The device uses a soundless ambient light projected on the ceiling above your bed, creating a natural blue light, the luminance of which goes up and down and slowly ebbs away. You synchronize your breathing with this rise and fall of the light, and this deep breathing triggers a relaxed state of body and mind the “relaxation response”, discovered by author and cardiologist Dr Herbert Benson. This results in a calmed mind and relaxed body state – the perfect conditions to allow your body to go to sleep naturally. Once the light fades away, the person will fall asleep.

The NightWave Sleep Assistant sleep aid is the only device on the market that uses the relaxation response to help people fall asleep naturally. It operates silently, so it is a great alternative to sound machines which can disturb others. It is completely natural, and with nothing to ingest is a great alternative to sleep medications or herbal sleep remedies. It’s also not habit forming. Many people find that after using the NightWave for some time, they can use the deep-breathing techniques without the NightWave to guide them.

Facing problems with sleep? The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a solution. It’s available on sale on website www.nightwave.com. Available in both the standard version, and now with NightWave for Travelers to eliminate jetlag.