A Killer Upper Body Workout

By | March 24, 2018

I noticed so many “bodybuilding experts” are telling people all of their so called best upper body workouts that they claim to work for everyone. And if you really notice, they show many various different ways to get ripped with specific isolated upper body workouts, but all the this information can get mixed up and sometimes confusing.

One person may say to do this in order to get bigger in a certain area of your upper body, but then another “expert” would tell you a whole different thing. So to make things simple I will show you the ideal or best upper body workout that is proven to work.

So here’s the run down: when it comes to getting a good upper body work out its best to work on many different muscle at once rather than just isolating one. Why? Well its simple really, just ask yourself why are gymnasts so cut and ripped. If you really dig down and think, many gymnasts are ultra ripped and cut because they do full body workouts targeted to the majority of their muscles at one time, which is like killing many birds with one stone.

And to reveal to you this simple upper body workout that you most likely already know, but may have overlooked, is of course pull ups. Now you may be thinking, “Awe pulls ups! Man it’s alright, but I’m looking for a better upper body workout.” And to give you a smart allelic reply, if you really wanted to find the “best upper body workout” you would’ve already realized that in reality there is no best upper body workout, for it’s really all about finding something that is simple and effective.

And in my opinion doing pulls up do get a killer upper body workout couldn’t get anymore simpler, and here’s a few facts to back it up. Fact number one, doing pulls ups or chins ups works on a variety of your muscles at once which are your forearms, triceps, biceps, wings, abs, neck, schedulers, back, and the list goes on.

Fact number two, lifting only weights mainly adds a bulky look to your muscles, but doing pull ups gives a TONER or CUT look to your muscles. This of course means more lean mass. Another fact I would like to share with you is that, pull ups increases your muscle strength and endurance pretty effectively, with less reps because it provides a consistent strain on your muscles.

So to end this article if you want to get a cool upper body workout it may be a good idea, to add pull ups to your workout routine, for it could be the “best upper body workout” for you.

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