How To Treat Hot Flash? Posted By : Benjamin Wee

By | September 16, 2018

Hot flash is the burning sensation that produced on skin when blood vessel in and around the skin are being dilated. As a result of this, face of a person becomes red and some of them even perspire to cool their body. The actual cause of hot flash is not known, but it is mainly experienced during menopause and generally stays around for a couple of weeks; however, the duration may vary from person to person.

Natural Treatments
It is very difficult to cure this problem completely because it is something that happens to you naturally. Nevertheless, the severity of these hot flashes can be reduced significantly by avoiding certain things and following some instructions.

Here is the list…

– You need to have a proper control on your diet and avoid taking caffeine, spicy food, and alcohol.
– You should avoid wearing tight clothes.
– You should not take any kind of stress on your body and mind.
– You need to make sure the room that you sleep in is properly ventilated and the room remains cool both during the day and in the night.
– Preferably, you should wear cotton clothes because it will make you feel comfortable.
– Smoking is also not recommended while you suffer from hot flashes.
– You can also practice deep breathing for at least 15 minutes in the mornings as well as in the evenings, thereby making you feel fresh.
– Taking a shower before you go off to sleep. It will help you to lower body temperature during the night and this will give you a sound sleep.
– Exercising, dancing, swimming, running or any other form of physical activity that excites you should help in curing hot flashes.
– Usage of chill pillows and cushions during the nights can also relieve you from stress due to this problem.
– Use of herbs can also help you alleviate this problem; however, herbs may not be effective on everyone.

Medicinal Treatments
Whatever we discussed till now was all part of natural therapy. But apart from these, there are medicinal cures which can also help you get rid of hot flashes as well. Medicines will help prevent lowering of blood pressure whereas others will act as anti depressants. Medicines containing Vitamin-E can also help in this regard.

Another technique which has its side effects is the estrogen replacement therapy. Though it manages to alleviate hot flash and other problems suffered during menopause, it is not a recommended technique because of the various side effects caused by it.

Besides these therapies, taking in supplements can help you get a temporary relief from the problem but not a permanent one. Actually some doctors believe that this problem is a result of lowering of progesterone level in the body. That’s why they recommended creams containing progesterone hormone to be applied and used. For an instant, Natpro Progesterone Cream which is rich in progesterone may help you get rid of hot flashes. Hot flash is a temporary disorder and vanishes as the menopause phase vanishes. It is difficult to cure it completely; however, by following some of the above recommendations you might be able to lessen the frequency of their occurrence. Women Health And Fitness | Menopause