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By | October 28, 2018

And just like that, our little baby is 3.  

Birthday girl 2

3 years ago, she came into the world, after a pretty grueling labor. I’ll never forget Livi rubbing my back as I groaned through contractions at home – just before Tom dropped her off to enjoy her first sleepover ever at our friend Betsy’s house – and when P finally came out, the nurses had the biggest smiles on their faces. I love the joy in all of her birth photos. Everyone was so happy she made it here safely, and equally surprised to see a toddler-sized human come out of my body. 

The birth 4


We’ve been through so much in 3 years. Even when we were in the height of her reflux, she was still the happiest baby when she wasn’t sick. She’s always been snuggly, smiley, and so in tune with everyone around her. I’ve always felt like she was older and wiser than she actually is, and so many people in our lives say the same thing. The preschool teachers at her school couldn’t believe she was “only 2” because she acts, talks, and looks so much older. She’s like a tiny buddha, often spouting words of wisdom far beyond her years. 

Liv and P are completely different, and complement each other so perfectly. They’re the sweetest little sisters and 100% best friends. They get along extremely well and are always looking out for each other. If I think about it too much, it makes me cry. I just feel so lucky to have them.

Liv and p2


Here are some things about 3:

– 3 is big, but still little. She can do so many things on her own, like get dressed from head to toe, but will always still ask for a snuggle or a hug. She’s still my baby koala and loves when I hold her. I feel like she’s half as tall as I am already, so I’m holding her as long as I can. Even though she feels so much older than she is, I always have to remind myself that she’s barely 3. 

– 3 is copying her sister in any possible way. From things like talking like a parrot (complete with, “Squack!” after every sentence), crazy dance moves, and telling me to, “Just chill, mom.”

– 3 is fearless and confident. I just hope we can do everything we can to protect and cultivate that confidence so it will last as she grows. 

– 3 is carrying around a plush sloth because, “He’s my best friend.”

– 3 years goes simultaneously slowly and also flashes in the blink of an eye. I feel myself missing these ages and stages even though they’re happening right now. I look at the girls and wonder how the heck I lived without them for so long.

Happy 3, sweet P. We love you so much and I feel so thankful to be your mama.

Birthday girl

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