Fitness For Women In Archery

By | August 8, 2020

Fitness For Women In Archery
Fitness For Women In Archery

Fitness For Women In Archery : As the world is turning towards healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, men and women alike are taking up sports to remain fit. So is Archery the right choice for women who want to be fit? Here’s a big yes! If you want to achieve fitness, Archery is a great sport, and what’s even better is that it is exciting. Every trip to the range is fun and full of new adventures. Women who want to try hunting will also enjoy the new experiences it brings.

Archery is a fitness activity. Like that, it strengthens the body and mind while you maintain posture and aim to shoot. This sport requires precision, accuracy, still, focus, and the power to pull with force. Not only will you be engaging all your upper body muscles, but your lower body also works as you maintain your posture and hold the ground. Archers train daily, and those hours of standing in a particular pose, holding the bow and drawing arrows, are not as easy as it looks!

Here are a few advantages of Archery for physical health:

  • Builds concentration.
  • Hand-eye coordination improves.
  • Mental work is required.
  • Women can burn more calories per hour when on a range or in the field as drawing arrows and keeping your body alert means muscles are working more!

Archery for women’s fitness

This article focuses on the benefits of Archery for women specifically. Today, many women believe that Archery is not a sport, and more so, not one for them! The truth is that Archery can be taken up as an excellent way to stay fit while enjoying every day’s routine and seeing positive results!

We will explain the various archery components and compare them to gym exercises that bring about the same impact! Once you are done reading this, look for an excellent bow to start with and head out!

  • Standing to aim requires stability and balance.
    This stability and balance are what people practice in the gym by doing repetitions of the Romanian Deadlift. This particular exercise helps align feet as body muscles engage in holding the position with your feet wide. Women who go to the gym for a happy workout will find Archery poses much more refreshing and real! Romanian Deadlifts work the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. As you stand with the bow in hand, you will place your feet away from each other with your hip at a diagonal. This pose is best for exercising the same muscles! Now which one sounds more fun? Standing in the gym or enjoying a round of shots with your girlfriends?
  • Drawing the arrow or rowing machine workout?
    Let’s be honest about this one. There is no fun in rowing on a machine, probably facing a wall with loud music in the background! Drawing an arrow and working those shoulder muscles is what we call adventurous fun! Ladies who like to remain in shape will observe that as they bring an arrow and move their elbow back and away from the body, their triceps get a great workout, and the resistance of the bowstring makes it a fruitful one too!
  • Squats and hunting positions can be compared.
    When out in the woods, hunters and archers need to take up poses for minutes or even hours. If your core muscles are healthy, it becomes a fun activity to hunt down prey, but if your body is not in shape, you might get tired even before your prey comes out of hiding! Aiming through narrow openings or crouching to avoid visibility, hunters need to be in shape to maintain the pose! Women can work those hamstrings and glutes as they wait for their target. The anaerobic workout can result in excellent shape, and the best part is, you didn’t even have to hold the pose and count! Without tracking reps and counting the seconds, women can achieve fitness goals and enjoy the process!

When you plan a trip outdoors, it requires a lot of walking, hiking, and even setting up camp or tree stands. All these activities work your body in the best way as your hunting equipment, and the heavy backpack provides resistance.

So ladies, try your hand at Archery and take up hunting as a way to remain fit and healthy. This sport engages the mind and also sharpens thinking skills. You must have heard about games being a perfect workout for body and mind: Archery is no exception. In fact, Archery can give you the strenuous training and teach you survival tips that will always come in handy!

We are sure you are interested in trying out a game so gear up and find an archery range near you! As for the equipment, you can visit an archery shop or sports shop near you and find a bow that suits beginners and is suitable for women who are just starting the game.

For an archery adventure at the range, you will require just a good bow and some arrows. Of course, a kit to hold all the equipment will come in handy! Once you are set to shoot, find your spot, and start enjoying a new kind of workout that will keep you in shape, without boring you to death!

Fitness and health are essential for all of us. Women who are gym enthusiasts often miss the fun of outdoor sports. If you are also looking for a more fun way to work out, try your hand at Archery! It not only keeps your body fit and healthy but also works your mind to improve thinking skills and improving focus. Enjoy the game and enjoy the results!

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Fitness For Women In Archery

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