Stranglehold with Lorazepam Band

Swapping licks with George Thacker on harp. Thanks guys for the invitation to jam! Video Rating: / 5 Lorazepam Addiction must be addressed with Detox and Rehab. See how important interventions are to your loved ones. Video Rating: / 5

Lorazepam Overview

Lorazepam is a prescription medication used to treat anxiety disorders, symptoms of anxiety, and anxiety associated with depression. Video Rating: / 5 acoustic/electric demo of a soft-ish song… about recovery, muscle atrophy, and, well, Lorazepam… and other stuff… done in a funky tuning where I drop the A string down to a G. Notable… Read More »

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from 18 years old to 35 on benzodiazepines, serious issues may result in a life time addiction you cant get out of and may worsen your life forever that is not recoverable Video Rating: / 5 Dr Jennie Byrne, of Cognitive Psychiatry in Chapel Hill discusses what can happen when you withdrawl to quickly from… Read More »