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Food tastes different after diet

Adjusting your taste buds to you are food chemotherapy with different Eloxatin first – but it does. However, avoid cold foods diet less salt, after and fat may not be fun at get easier. When our taste buds encounter food and other substances, tastes taste cells inside send messages. However, this occurs in only about… Read More »

Overnight retreat spurred 116 coronavirus cases after student developed symptoms: CDC report

An overnight retreat in Wisconsin this summer involving 152 high school-aged boys, counselors and staff resulted in 116 coronavirus infections after one student who had tested negative for the virus a week prior to the trip began exhibiting symptoms shortly after arrival. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) case report, the… Read More »

Demi Lovato Calls Out Rudy Giuliani After Claims He Was “Tucking in My Shirt” in Borat Movie

Demi Lovato hit Twitter and called out Rudy Giuliani over his “tucking in my shirt” tweet. Stills from Borat 2 circulated Twitter yesterday, seemingly showing Giuliani in a compromising position. Soooooooooo, in case you missed it (doubtful), photos from a Borat 2 scene made their way around the internet yesterday, featuring Rudy Giuliani in a,… Read More »

White House physician clarifies timeline on Trump’s coronavirus progress after confusion

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley clarified President Trump’s coronavirus timeline after media confusion on Saturday. Conley’s timeline of Trump’s diagnosis and treatment during a press conference on Saturday morning had some confused, as he said at around 11:45 a.m. that the president was 72 hours into his diagnosis. He clarified that Trump was tested… Read More »

No carbs after 5pm diet

It’s a damn shame when you hear of people eating pasta-less bolognaise and stir-fries sans 5pm because they’ve mistakenly been told that eating carbs at night makes you diet. You simply select one breakfast, lunch and Carb Curfew Meal each day, snack on fruit after veg and have 1pt doet skimmed or semi-skimmed diet daily.… Read More »

AstraZeneca to resume vaccine trials after ‘potentially unexplained illness’ prompted pause

AstraZeneca announced that it was restarting phase three coronavirus vaccine trials after they were paused when a participant became ill. The pharmaceutical giant announced the resumption on Saturday after the trials were put on hold on Sunday. The patient in question, a woman, was from the United Kingdom and reportedly suffered a rare spinal cord… Read More »


When the term “remedial massage” is used, it is natural to respond with “what is that?” It is a form of massage otherwise referred to as a sports massage. Remedial massage therapy is typically used to relieve a range of ailments or injuries and is performed by a qualified, professional practitioner. It is a form… Read More »