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Indians turn to social media for help as Covid crisis overwhelms the health-care system

Family members of Vijay Raju, who died due to Covid, mourn before his cremation in Giddenahalli village on the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, May 13, 2021. Samuel Rajkumar | Reuters As India’s devastating second wave of coronavirus outbreak overwhelmed the health-care system, desperate users turned to social media to seek help from the public as… Read More »

Melinda Gates Slams Social Media for Spreading ‘Disinfo’

In a September 2020 interview with Axios on HBO, Melinda Gates said “It may be time for a reckoning” with social media’s role in spreading disinformation. According to Axios:1 “Bill and Melinda Gates … [have] seen firsthand the impact of disinformation, as they’ve become targets of conspiracy theories amplified and spread via social media … [Melinda] Gates… Read More »

How To Cure Social Anxiety

How to cure Social Anxiety is the six million dollar question all sufferers of Social Anxiety ask. It is the one thing that most would give their right arm to know. Is there a cure for Social Anxiety? How can I be cured? How long does it take? All valid and necessary questions for the… Read More »

Problems With Social Anxiety Disorder

There was a time when social anxiety disorder was not acknowledged as a type of anxiety due to it’s similarity to shyness. However, the clouds have cleared and as a result, there are many Social Anxiety medications available on the market today. Although there are not many specific drugs to treat specific anxiety disorders, this… Read More »