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Social Anxiety Disorder Awareness

It is normal to feel nervous, even intimated, when in the presence of other people. This is especially true when we are around those whose opinions matter to us, like an employer, a potential life partner, or a peer. We are always vulnerable to the scrutiny of others, and at any moment people around us… Read More »

Anxiety: Best Techniques To Get Rid of Anxiety And Lead A More Fulfilling Life (Destroy Shyness, Avoid Stress, Overcome Social Awkwardness, Social Anxiety)

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Does Social Anxiety Affect Your Life?

Are you like millions of people world wide? Are you uncomfortable in social situations? Do you have feelings of intense fear? If you do, you may suffer from social anxiety disorder. You need to contact a doctor is you think you have a social anxiety disorder. You doctor will have treatment options available so that… Read More »

Medications For Social Anxiety

There are times when treatments for social anxiety, such as cognitive behavioral therapies and other psychological methods, do not work. In this situation a patient’s doctor may recommend medication to help alleviate social anxiety symptoms. Most medications are given singularly whereby a patient uses one drug at a time until their symptoms are under control.… Read More »

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When we get in a constant state of worry; always anxious: Too many things trigger our natural response of fight or flight. We avoid socializing. We fret too much or most of the time. We make mountains out of molehills. It can cause problems in lots of areas. Are you anxious about being anxious? Do… Read More »

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

When an individual has a social anxiety disorder or social phobia, everyday situations can become so overwhelming. These state of emotion can become intense and can vary from one individual to another. Individuals can fear different types of situations that have anxiety disorders. Those that have social anxiety disorders may have some of these symptoms… Read More »