After The 2012 Report Of Titanium Tight Supply, Ati Intends To Restart The Titanium Sponge Plant

By | August 16, 2015

Metallurgical Union Technology International (ATI) to promote its titanium sponge raw material standard of overseas supply may run out after 2012,yttria oxide, the company could restart in Albany so the air titanium production plant.

Mid-2009, ATI idle at Albany 22 million pounds of titanium sponge production plant, after 18 months has been to rely on third-party providers to maintain the downstream products. CEO L. Patrick Hassey said that although the current external supply stable, but still limited, probably after 2012 will lose supply.

Overseas suppliers of vertical integration is the reason behind the supply crunch. For example, titanium producer UST Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan Titanium Magnesium Plant (UKTMP) joint venture with Pohang plant,yttrium oxide msds, it will make exports to the United States reduce the number of titanium sponge.

UKTMP exports to the United States is currently the only major manufacturer of titanium sponge. Titanium sponge production in 2010 is expected to reach 22 million pounds. But this year, the company will ship Pohang sheet to further processing into non-aerospace grade commercially pure titanium plate, titanium sponge market companies fade from the world, put in more effort to improve their own production of titanium ingots melted,yttrium hydroxide, thereby deepening the industry value chain.

The case of supply contraction, ATI has become the motor Albany plant suppliers. Despite the resumption of production Hassey did not give a specific date, but he admits was originally shut down the plant temporarily.

If the Albany plant re-production, it will work with ATI Timet’s Henderson plant and another plant Rowley became one of only three in a large-scale production of titanium sponge manufacturers.

By 2011, ATI will have an annual output capacity of 24 million pounds of titanium sponge,yttria oxide price, including the 1500-2000 million pounds of titanium sponge A-level. Hassey also said that if market demand increases, they also consider the expansion of production capacity.


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