Meniere’s Disease – Therapy and Surgical Health

By | November 17, 2016

Generally known as “glaucoma of the inner ear, Meniere’s disease is associated with the inner ear (labyrinth) and the Stability Program yra.Tinklas three semicircular paths together form a complex program of temporary offices and corridors navicular bone. Alerts are sent from the semicircular routes travel along the sensors routes to mind.

Inside these routes are membranous bag loaded with liquid known as Endolymphe. Around the bag is another fluid perilymph. These two liquids shower and listen to the vestibular parts of the body, so the stability and continued listening. When there is too much Endolymphe situation is known as Meniere’s disease.

This makes the excess pressure that develops before the bag strokes. Then Endolymphe and perilymph Associate delivery down the different concepts of the vestibular sensors to protu.Sukelia turning serious, dizziness, nausea, listening to problems, ringing in the ears, and I have a feeling the ear of Meniere’s disease.

As the disease advances, improved listening problems. 85% of the situations one ear is affected; both ears are affected only 15% of the situations. Side of all situations strike after two years of decline; 70% of the situations, they will be displayed on the eight decades. However, in all cases, listening to problems can gradually become more intense.

medical treatment

Although the actual cause of Meniere’s disease is not determined, we know that there are a variety of triggers, such as pressure-sensitive reactions, extreme sodium intake, caffeine drinks, problems, and changes in barometric pressure. General treatement of Meniere’s disease include recommending a diuretic such as Dyazide, decreasing dietary sodium and the use of anti-vertigo medications as Meclyzine (Antivert),

Compazine or Phenergan suppositories. One of the best medicines to prevent attacks of vertigo is a sublingual Ativan (Lorazepan) three periods a day. While they can help relieve nausea and reduce the time they do not treat the disease.

Patients should also be tested by inhalation and skin food for sensitive reactions, as 50% are discovered to have a cause of Meniere’s allergies, which can be processed frames. If the problem is found to be the reason they are usually managed with medication.

surgical procedures

If treatment can not stop the dizziness, trouble listening, and buzzing and pressure in the ear, surgery, treatment should be considered. Previously only therapy was completed degradation ears, dizziness healed, but led to complete listening problems. 1978 has been developed by different process, one of the sensors to reduce the stability of the mind still kept listening and processing of rotation 95% of the situations. But since it is pumped to work near the mind, but the most serious situation was handled in this way.

Development of non-invasive procedures

With non-invasive surgery treatment comes in many operations, the search was to find an effective process in place to treat Meniere’s, one with low risk and pain. One such solution is MicroWick, a process which is not only invasive, but may be included in the work place and for individual self-treatment at home. Sick place your medication hearing MicroWick takes drugs and submit it to the inner ear. With two MicroWick earring remedies are used: anti-biotic and anabolic steroids.

Patients who have chronic vertigo strikes, gentamicin (ototoxic antibiotic) is used to reduce the levels of the three periods of the day Nausznica.Itakos person usually analyzed and evaluated once every 7 days, titrated amount.

This result is good: although some patients have to have to do it again therapy, 81% are without dizziness four decades after treatment. Some patients with inner ear immune gentamicin and vestibular neurectomy (cutting the stability of the nerve) or Labyrinthectomy necessary. Fortunately, this happens only in 6% of patients

Patients with major problems listening to problems, pressure and ringing in the ears, in the form of dexamethasone is used in the fall. Dexamethasone is a very effective anabolic steroid that reduces swelling, reduces sensitivity and may reduce the fluid pressure in the ear. With this therapy, listening to supervised two-week over a four-week course of treatment.

In many situations, characters are treated, and the threats and problems are few. Hardly ever do listen to strengthen this therapy, but sometimes after MicroWick eliminated eardrum can not be treated and should be corrected in the workplace.

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