MSM Tablets, Capsules, Flakes, Crystals, And More!

By | June 16, 2017

With the addition of methylsulfonylmethane or MSM to your life, the question becomes, “What form is better to take? Which one offers the most benefits?” While this answer will vary slightly from one form to the other, the fact is that if you are getting your methylsulfonylmethane in any form you will notice marked improvement of many conditions fro Candida to depression.

MSM tablets, capsules, flakes, crystals, and powder are all popular forms today. Each has its place in our lifestyles, and you will probably have a preferred choice of your own. Some are easier to take and others have a better absorption rate making it more cost effective per dose.

Of course, the method by which you use your methylsulfonylmethane will depend on which form is better for you. For instance, MSM tablets, capsules, flakes, crystals, and powder can all be taken orally. However, MSM tablets, capsules, and crystals are not as easily used on the skin or hair. This is more the place for flakes and powder.

The absorption rate will vary depending on the method by which you administer the methylsulfonylmethane supplement. Not all forms will allow the same amount of the supplement be passed into the bloodstream or body system.

Oral taking MSM is an easy way to get that extra sulfur into the body, but you will find the varieties of forms will allow more of the supplement to be absorbed: this is the basis to knowing what dosage you are actually achieving when it comes to your supplement.

When you take a supplement, you swallow the pill or powder and that is then going to pass from your mouth to your esophagus and then on to your stomach. The aqueous environment of your stomach will be the first place your supplement will start to dissolve.

The rate of dissolution will vary on many factors. There is actually something called the Noyes-Whitney equation that can tell you exactly how much of that supplement will be dissolved in your stomach, but the easy thing to understand is that the finer the molecules the supplement has, the easier and more effective time your stomach has of dissolving said supplement.

Pills or tablets with a coating can act as a barrier to the dissolution process making your body work harder to dissolve the form while not guaranteeing a complete dissolving of the supplement. The coating is actually used intentionally for this purpose when you want to delay the release of a supplement before it reaches the intestines, but for methylsulfonylmethane, you will not want to delay this process in most cases.

Basically, the larger the solid pieces, the more time it takes to dissolve the supplement or pills. MSM tablets, while useful, may not allow you to get the maximum effects from your pills. Capsules, flakes, crystals, and powder all allow your body to easily dissolve the supplement increasing the absorption rate.

Methylsulfonylmethane has been crowned a fix all that is safe, gentle, and inexpensive. While this supplement has not been on the market for considerable time, the future looks bright for people choosing to add this sulfur supplement to their daily lives.

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