Sleepless in Los Angeles

Insomnia can be one of the worst sleep afflictions known to man, but there’s probably a more pervasive form of sleep disorder that affects a large segment of the population: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Los Angeles is home to a fair share of the 18 million Americans diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA; fortunately, the… Read More »

A Practitioner’s Guide to Prescribing Antiepileptics and Mood Stabilizers for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Emotional, behavioral, and neuropsychiatric conditions are common in individuals with intellectual disabilities (IDs), most notably epilepsy, aggression, self-injurious behaviors, and bipolar and other mood disorders. Despite the prevalence of such problems, there is a scarcity in the literature of reliable information on medical treatments for those with IDs. A Practitioner’s Guide to Prescribing Antiepileptics and… Read More »

Ways To Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal

It’s a normal condition for alcohol addicts to experience withdrawal symptoms when there is no consumption of alcohol and during rehabilitation. The symptoms must be addressed immediately to avoid fatal complications. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be managed effectively with the right interventions and therapies that medical health professionals provide. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are being categorized… Read More »

Bestvitality Premim Natural Homeopathic Stress, Panic and Anti Anxiety Relief Supplement (L-theanine – 150mg) Supports Mental Clarity 60 Vegetarian Capsules – Made in USA

Reduce your stress and enhance your mood with a revolutionary All-Natural Stress Relief Supplement (L-Theanine) by BestVitality Stress happens to us all. From kids to work to bills, there’s not limit to how much stress is placed on our minds and bodies each and every day. And though you have creative outlets, you can better… Read More »